This Tortuous Ridge: Linden to Lawson edited by Eugene Stockton

This Tortuous Ridge: Linden to Lawson

ISBN: 9780994155511
Price: AU$35.00 incl GST +p&h
Authors: Eugene Stockton (Editor), Gil Jones, Chris D. Whiteman, Kelvin Knox, John Low, John Merriman, Elizabeth Burgess, Ken Goodlett, Julie Stockton, Jim Tulip.

In the heart of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales is a distinct canton. It is a cluster of five villages. These villages are close neighbours, running one into the other almost continuously, but separated from other settlements east and west by some kilometres of uninhabited bushland. We are not, as some would see ut, "as mid-Mountains residents", as if we existed at some vague point betwixt and between the Upper and Lower Mountains. Ours is a distinctive identity, the Central Mountains.

This Tortuous Ridge: Linden to Lawson takes us on a journey exploring this distinct canton as outlined in the Chapter headings below. We trust you will enjoy the journey.

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