Blue Mountains Dreaming by Eugene Stockton & John Merriman

The Seasons in Haiku

ISBN: 9780646914480
Price: AU$14.00 incl GST +p&h
Author: Jacinta Shailer sgs

The haiku are short poetic forms of three lines composed of five, seven and five syllables. This form of poetry originated in Japan in the seventeenth century, with Basho being the chief exponent. He wrote these glimpses of Nature in this form on his many journeys over the countryside in all kinds of weathers. Buson and Issa were also celebrated haiku writers. The haiku are each a kind of word picture and are inseparable from the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Sr Jacinta Shailer writes that: "in this booklet I have tried to capture some of the beauty of this poetic expression in English illustrated by photography of Australia, with the inclusion of a few photos from the country of the haiku's origin."

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