"Landmarks: A Spiritual Search in a Southern Land" by Eugene Stockton

NEW EDITION: Landmarks: A Spiritual Search in a Southern Land

ISBN: 9780646910215 Blue Mountain Education & Research Trust (Oct 2013 PB AU)
Price: AU$15.00 incl GST +p&h, 152 pages plus Cover
Authors: Eugene Stockton (Editor)


"Set up your sign posts,
raise yourself landmarks,
fix your mind on the road,
the way by which you go."

...Jeremiah 31:21

Landmarks is an exploration of an Australian spirituality. Drawing on the cultural influences now in our land, it offers a graded, comprehensive presentation of gospel teachings, with an Australian diction and imagery. The reader may find in it fresh insights into traditional spiritual themes. Each theme is introduced in terms of an "Australian setting", focusing on one particular aspect of the Australian experience. The body of each chapter analyses that experience, exploring the parallels with its biblical counterpart. The bible is used, not as a book about God or a store of normative texts, but as the story of a people, who are our spiritual ancestors. The attempt is made to insert ourselves into that story, with all its ups and downs, to identify our own experience in its unfolding, and through it to catch the vision of God which the past projects onto our present and future.

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