Sydney Rock : on the ways to the West Edited by Eugene Stockton

Sydney Rock : on the ways to the West

ISBN: 9780646905365
Price: AU$20.00 incl GST +p&h
Authors: Eugene Stockton (Editor)

"Sydney Rock loomed large across the highway from my childhood home. In the 1940's we kids clambered over the Rock, imagining ourselves as early explorers who first crossed the Blue Mountains. Parties often enjoyed picnics on the Rock, savouring the far distant views and mountain breezes. During World War II one watched the search lights waving across the Sydney horizon and the fireworks at the War's end. In those years petrol rationing severely limited traffic on the highway, but since then increasingly heavy traffic has virtually closed access to the Rock and tree growth has hidden it from the view of passing motorists. Now, with the completion of the roadworks in 2012, Sydney Rock can be restored to public enjoyment, while the old railway cutting left partly unfilled allows inspection of the sandstone stratigraphy and of the pickmarks of the rock cutters (1867 and 1902)." ...Eugene Stockton.

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