Tossimo: Memories of Ethiopia by Helena Gormally

Tossimo: Memories of Ethiopia

ISBN: 9780646569314
Price: AU$15.00 incl GST +p&h
Author: Helena Gormally


It is a delight to bring into public view this gem of writing. To most of us Ethiopia is a mysterious unknown. Embedded in Africa it yet has a unique geography, history, ethnic complexity and ancient Christian origins. Helena Gormally brings it to life for us in the stories of little people in the rural market town of Wolaita-Soddo. In the background we hear the turbulence of late 20th Century Ethiopia, the Communist Revolution, the Red Terror, the Famine of 1984-85, which often breaks into the lives of hapless villagers.
It is a story of joy and sorrow, of devastation and dancing, of misfortune and resilience. Woven into these threads is the remarkable story of a frenji, missionary, teacher and hermit. ...Eugene Stockton

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