The Jesse Tree by Vic O'Callaghan & Susan Daly IBVM (ed)

The Jesse Tree

ISBN: 9780646563121
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Authors: Vic O'Callaghan & Susan Daly IBVM

This book has been written to reacquaint readers with characters who form the family tree of Jesus of Nazareth. The lineage is loosely drawn from Scripture and focuses on the theme of covenant. Having an understanding of how humanity discovered and lived out their agreements with the Lord, shines light on the meaning and depth of the 'New Covenant: It also depicts how ordinary people discovered the hand of the Lord in their daily lives.
Throughout the events in these stories, there are references to symbols of light and moisture. Light has been illustrated through the genesis of a spark, the accompaniment of candles, the employment of flint and the fulfilment of flame. Moisture has been depicted through mist and water.
The mist that surrounded our first parents still encircles the earth today, just as the water used in our own baptism could very well have been the same water used by The Baptist when he plunged Jesus into the Jordan.
This climb through Jesus' family tree is similar to folding through a collection of pictures from a family album. It is a getting to know you' time. Like coming home for Christmas. Our connectedness with our heritage is both deep in our psyche and laid on the skin of our consciousness. It is hoped that these reflections will inspire fertile learnings to bridge this gap.

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