The Deep Within by Eugene Stockton

NEW UPDATED EDITION: The Deep Within: Towards an Archetypal Theology

ISBN: 9780646560793
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Author: Eugene Stockton

Psychologists are familiar with the hidden depths of consciousness powerfully breaking out in ordinary life. This study looks at the influence of deep consciousness on a person’s religious expression and how it might be harnessed and co-ordinated for one’s spiritual wellbeing in the service of God.
Interest in this study arose out of the author’s long time exploration of an Australian spirituality. His conviction was that Aboriginal spirituality must eventually find its place in the mainstream and that the mutual engagement of European and Aboriginal thinking can only be possible at the deepest level of consciousness. This is equally true of interfaith dialogue. ...Eugene Stockton

"In barely more than a hundred pages, Eugene Stockton - priest, writer, archaeologist, anthropologist, contemplative – launches his readers into 'the deep within'. His range of reference is astonishing, explained only by the interests that have filled his fifty years of thinking and writing, and then further back to his childhood in the bush of the Central Blue Mountains." ...Professor Anthony Kelly, Australian Catholic University

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