A Scriptural Way of the Cross by Terence O'Donnell & Eugene Stockton

A Scriptural Way of the Cross

ISBN: 9780646528472
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Authors: Terence O'Donnell & Eugene Stockton

This full-colour book, designed either for private devotion or with an assembly praying the Stations of the Cross, is based directly on the Gospel passages describing the Passion and Death of Jesus. The subjects for each Station are those chosen by Pope John Paul II when he officiated at a Scriptural Way of the Cross, at the Coliseum in Rome in 1991 and again in 1994. The traditional number of Stations is retained, but the events are only those referred to in the Scriptures. A Gospel reading and an appropriate Psalm upon which to meditate accompany each illustration. The fourteen paintings of the Way of the Cross, reproduced in this book, are the work of Terence O'Donnell. They hang in the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Nativity, at Lawson, in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Terence is currently a parishioner at Lawson.
"This little booklet brings together the Scriptures, the tradition of the Church on the passion of Jesus and the lives of Jesus' disciples today. All disciples of Jesus will find this booklet helpful in their everyday journey with Jesus" ...Bishop David Walker, Diocese of Broken Bay

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