A History of the Blue Labyrinth: Blue Mountains National Park by Bruce Cameron

A History of the Blue Labyrinth: Blue Mountains National Park (Second Edition)

ISBN: 9780646095417
Price: AU$55.00 incl GST +p&h
Authors: Bruce Cameron

For anyone who likes bushwalking and good books, this second edition by Bruce Cameron is a must have item! Hard covered and 350 glossy pages long, it is packed with information, history, some maps and most of the text illustrated by adjacent, clear photographs.
The Blue Labyrinth is that part of the Blue Mountains south of the railway line, north of Lake Burragorang and between the Nepean River and as far up the mountains as Wentworth Falls. It is nearly all part of Blue Mountains National Park. It includes Kings Tableland, Glenbrook Creek and Gorge, Euroka volcanic neck, other volcanic necks such as St Helena and Tobys Glen, well know walking tracks such as Sassafras Gully at Springwood, Terrace Falls at Hazelbrook, Adelina, Junction, Federal and Cataract Falls at Lawson. Many aboriginal sites including the well known Red Hands Cave. Picnic and camping areas such as Ingar. A few small sandstone canyons. Through the heart of the Labyrinth flows Erskine Creek — wild and remote!
The Labyrinth is also perhaps the cradle of bushwalking in NSW. Much of the book is the bushwalking history of the labyrinth, the story of its appeal and exploration.

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